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Week of 28 May 2013

29th May, Board Meeting 6.30pm in the Staffroom
30th May, Whole school fitness - 9.00 - 9.30am
30th May, School Banking outside the Library
30th May, Year 5/6 Rippa Rugby
31st May, Year 3 - Kind Parents to please supply baking for Food day morning tea. Please deliver to the Food Tech Room.
3rd June, Queens Birthday Holiday - School Closed

Week of 21 May 2013

21st May - Year 7 & 8 Camp Meeting, 7.00pm, in the Stadium, Room 16
22nd May - Room 19 Trip to Whangaparaoa Library
23rd May - Stu Duval Story Telling in the Stadium, a master storyteller who will engage and entertain classes with the power of his words. To find out more about Stu Duval, visit his website www.studuval.co.nz. All accounts will be invoiced $4.00 per child, unless you notify the office by Wednesday 22nd May that you do not wish your child to attend.
23rd May - School Banking, outside the Library 8.30 - 9.00am
23rd May - School Wide Fitness Programme, 9.05 - 9.30am, every Thursday
Board Election Results
5 Nominations (2 invalid) have been received for our Board of Trustees.  Accordingly, the following have been appointed and there will be no need for an election:
  • Vanessa Bennett
  • Neille Bonner
  • Tony Naido
  • Vaughn Summerton
  • David Verdake
  • Fiona Southgate - Staff Representative

Week of 14 May 2013

16th May - Board of Trustees nominations close, 12 noon.
We need people to make a difference for our school. Step forward or encourage someone you know, to stand for election. A school Board is accountable for student progress and achievement to its parents and community. The Board has the overall responsibility for the school.  This includes legal obligations covering curriculum, property, personnel, finance, health and safety.
Trustees are active leaders in our school and need to work well in a team, ask challenging questions and have good communication skills. For further information check out: http://www.nzsta.org.nz/trustee-elections/what-is-a-trustee-/

17th May - Rooms 23, 27, 30 trip to Auckland Zoo.

Interested in following our progress with using mobile devices? We now have over 100 devices registered. Follow our blog here http://theipadpod.blogspot.co.nz

Remember to bring in your empty Colgate Cartons for the competition we hav entered, so we can win fabulous prizes for our school. Ask your neighbours, spread the word and get on board in helping our school.  For more information please visit the website http://colgatecartonrace.co.nz

Week of 7 May 2013

9th May - Rooms 26 & 28, trip to Kelly Tarltons
9th May - School Banking outside the Library, 8.30 - 9.00am (every Thursday)
16th May - Board of Trustees Nominations close 12 noon
13th - 17th May - Year 6 Camp to Kawau Island
Reminder to parents of students going to Kawau Island to please pay the camp fee ($250.00).